What do I need to know about the actions I have taken/should take in my job search?
Empress                                     2p
Kt. of W***                                      2s*
*Kt of C, World, 2c
** 4s, 5s, Hanged Man
*** 3s, 10s, Kg of S

NB: This was with the Mythic Tarot deck, so Fool = Dionysus, Justice = Athena, Kt. of W = Bellarophen, Empress = Demeter, Kt. of C = Perseus, World = Ourouborous, Hanged Man = Prometheus, and Kg of S = Odysseus.

So. I'm just starting on this Job Thing, all fresh-faced and haphazard (Fool). I'm worried as hell by the whole situation (9s). Things are shifting, I feel very insecure financially. I'm trying to find money/source of income, but it's eluding me (2p). I feel pulled, torn in this process (2s) by Hades (Kt of C), who looms very, very large in my life (World), and that relationship (2c) is not making this process easier because my mental energy is torn between job searching and relationship maintenance. What should happen, what makes Sense (Justice) is for me to Calm the Fuck Down (4s), accept that jobs are in short supply - and perhaps accept that I'm not qualified for an administrative job? (5s) - and hang watchfully till the course emerges (Hanged Man). When the course emerges (and/or I accept it as a Viable Possibility), I must pursue valiantly, audaciously, passionately (Kt of W). This may feel like a betrayal of something...may go against reason or Good Sense (3s), but this is the Worst Things can Get, and the night is breaking (10s). The worries will stop. My mind will quiet, and I will be intellectually sound and fulfilled - and victorious in gaining employment (Kg of S). And I will Go Forth and work productively, being happy, being fulfilled, being prosperous (Empress).
So, yeah. I don't like being told to Wait. But that's what I'm hearing. Times are hard, but the right thing is out there. And the Erinyes won't Get You. Go after the Shiny with all yr heart, even if it doesn't make Sense, but don't fret about letting some of the more Sensible and Dull jobs slide. Hades sustains and troubles you. This is just a fact, so deal with it and take it into consideration when planning and dealing with yourself. And most importantly - All Shall Be Well, and All Shall Be Well, and All Manner of Thing Shall Be Well, Bitches.

Praise Her from whom all blessings flow!
Praise Her all creatures here below!
Praise Her all the fair fae host!
Praise Her whom we revere the most!



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