I went up through Hod, telling Rapheal that I was now going to Geburah, as he'd told me to do. The Hanged Man on the path between Hod and Geburah was very, very powerful for me, walking that path.
Standing before the gates fo Geburah was like standing before the Black Gate of Mordor, but I reminded myself that it is NOT Mordor - it is a place with good and useful things for me, for me to learn. I proclaimed before the gate that I have a Right to enter, in the name of Lugh of the Long Hand, and enter I shall.
I did, and it was all black and firey. Fissures with fire streaming up. The Temple was a black Grecian temple with a forge inside. Hephestaeus was there. So was Kali. I asked her, Mama-ji, what do I need to know here? She reached into my chest, pulled out my heart, and started taking bites out of it (only when I allow my strength to overcome my love - for a time - can I do what I must). She told me that I must give her my heart in order to have her help, to feel her power. "And then, my little star, you will learn to burn the things that must be burned." I protested that I couldn't give her my heart, as it had already been given (to Yesod, I thought). "Yes, but it can be given many times. YOU know that." You must give it to me to do what you need to do. But it'll hurt! I said. Yes, she said, but if you call on me -and on your Ag-ni too, I might add - we'll give you strength to endure. But you won't take my weakness/vulnerability, Mama-ji? I don't want to lose that. No, just give you strength for Getting Through. When you give me your heart, I can help you free it from others. I told her I needed to go. She gave me a lotus with my heart in the middle. I plucked my heart out and gave it back to her - freely, I said.


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