From Malkuth, I traveled to Netzach via a crescent moon elevator-thing. For me, Netzach appeared as a beautiful beach with emerald water. The temple was a huge scallop shell, standing upright, with a fire and Botticelli's Aphrodite in it. She did not speak or respond to greetings, so I chanted around the fire, praising the Goddess, then went to the sea. I jumped in, swimming deep, breathing underwater. I saw plants, life, a dolphin, with whom I played and rode. Then I came upon Mary/Kwan Yin, seated on her lotus. I knew I recognized the place, and said so: "I've been here before, right? I've seen You here before."
"Of course. And I'll always be here for you, in the heart of your heart." She held me close to her, like always, and I pestered her for What I Needed To Learn about this place, this realm. She told me that I already knew to follow my heart, but not let it rule me. To neither value Hod above Netzach, nor Netzach above Hod. She then pointed out a pearl being made, and told me that it was so with all the things in this realm that are painful and/or annoying to me - the irritants will become beautiful with time and care. They are valuable too. She gave me a circlet of pearls, and bade me return when I Need Her. Then I left as I'd come.
For me, Hod looked like a warm, wood-paneled library. I tried to talk to the 2-headed snake I saw lingering in the stacks, but he grinned at me and shook his heads. The temple of Hod was an eight-sided sanctum with all the books and references I'd ever want - I knew they were mine. Hermes, Odin, and Loki were there, as well as Raphael. I tried to talk to Odin, but he didn't say anything. So, I browsed the shelves, but nothing caught my fancy. I noticed that I couldn't read the books, but I didn't feel that was a hindrance to understanding them. I finally talked to Raphael and apologized for my arrogance and preconceptions of Knowing A Lot about the realm of Hod - I knew I possessed them, and had been trying to avoid them, but it felt like I hadn't been doing a good job of it. Raphael said it's true...I do know what words can do. I know they can show truth, or hide it. I know they shape reality. I know logic is good, but can be misleading. I know words are true as gold and slippery as fish. He told me not to worry - This is one of the places I Know. Not, perhaps, a place I do a lot of Work (outside school, of course), but a place I Know. Right before I left, Odin gave me a gold coin - a "little extra light for the dark places", and kissed me and called me daughter. Raphael touched my third eye, and blessed me. I gave them words, song of my soul...and then I left.