So, in the interest of both gaining insight about a recent decision and getting to know the Thoth deck better, I did a reading this morning:
Deck: Thoth

6w/Magician                                  PcofS/High Priestess
                            Hanged Man
AofC/Death                                    Empress/PsofS

Key: Pc = Prince, Ps = Princess

So. The Hanged Man, right in the center, reminds me that this is an in-between point, a hanging in the margins and the doorways. Waiting for fullness. It's also a card of sacrifice, describing what the other party in the relationship is prepared to do on my account.
As a result of this decision, much brainpower and effort will be applied to the relationship, as well as a renewal of feeling and love (6s/3c). Strenuous, mainly mental, effort (probably on his part) will be balanced by stillness, intactness, and a depth of sight. I *will* maintain my position as queen of my castle, my life, with emphasis on my ability to deal with the small things - organizing, planning, scheduling - with ease and grace (Empress/PsofS).
There will be growth/change...but what kind is uncertain. These cards have positive connotations in two of my other decks - 7c is about divine inspiration, dreams (which may or may not be full of insight or folly); 7p is about cultivating, facilitating growth. In the Thoth deck, though, 7c is key-worded as "Debauch," and is about what happens when pleasure ceases to please, when it is corrupted. Likewise, 7p is key-worded as "Failure," talking about how efforts can stagnate and fall short. I'm a big believer in a card's meaning shifting by deck...but I'm also a believer in drawing on the whole well of knowledge one has about a card to help in understanding it. So I'm torn. This could either be "inspired change" or "folly doomed to fail".
HOWEVER, either way, there will be a Transformational flowering/flowing of emotion/heart, which will radically change the relationship (AofC/Death) - this is where it'll be abundantly clear which way things will go. Then, clear victory, satisfaction, and independence result (6w/Magician). Woot!

So, the thing I like about this reading is that it makes me feel good about both outcomes. That said, this is probably an instance where a reading from Someone Else would have been a good thing, as I'm clearly Too Damn Close to the situation.




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